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Please note: only documents required by the Embassy will be reviewed. Duplicate emails will result in sending your request to the end of the queue. The more specific and brief your question is, the faster we can help you.

Please read the Frequently Asked Question FAQs pages which will likely answer your question. If your question is answered in the FAQs, you will not receive a personal reply. It may take up to 3 business day to respond to your inquiry.

If you are a student seeking a student visa interview, follow the instructions available on our website at U. S. Embassy, Abu Dhabi. For applications already submitted, or to be submitted at the Consulate General in Dubai (or to be submitted to that office), please visit the website of the Consulate General Dubai.

If you have a question about applying for a non-immigrant visa please visit: Official Visa Services.

If you have a question about Waiver Visa Program, please visit ESTA website.

If you are a diplomatic passport holder and applying for Official visa (A, G Visas), please come between 01:00 – 02:00 PM in any workday and bring:

  • Diplomatic Note
  • Passports
  • Photos
  • DS-160 Application

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